Hair Curler Tip: 2 Twisting Technique for Curl Shape Control

Posted by Emily Kenison on

Well, wonder no more!

As the innovator behind the ingenious heatless curling headband, I'm excited to share the magic of our design with you. One standout feature? An integrated wire that's more than just remarkable – it's a game-changer. Why, you ask? Because it hands you complete mastery over your curl shapes.

Here's the scoop: Once you've finished wrapping, a simple twist tightens the wire, yielding classic, elegantly tight curls. Seeking those loose, voluminous, beachy waves? Just give it a twist the other way, and voilà – your curls will beautifully take shape. And when you're heading out, why not transform it into a chic updo? It's as effortless as it looks.

Now, for a good night's rest – no worries. Adjust the headband however you find most comfy. It's tailor-made for peaceful slumber, staying securely in place without any unraveling or sliding. Our integrated wire? It's nothing short of brilliance, backed by a full patent and an undeniably amazing design.

Hope this tip adds a touch of magic to your hairstyling journey. Here's to happy curling!

For a full tutorial, watch the video here 

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