New limited edition Teal Curling Headband is now in our shop! (Yes, we just upgraded Cassie’s 4 am routine)

Posted by Emily Kenison on

On a chilly yet sunny day, the ocean turns a perfect shade of muted, calming blue. I have always been captivated by this color and I thought, what if I could capture the essence of this color for RobeCurls?

Introducing the Teal Curling Headband.

Teal is known for its calming influence and simply feels like the ocean on a calm day. With a retro muted hue, it’s a color that pairs beautifully with a variety of outfits and we are ecstatic to share it with you now.

We wanted to give you something that could easily match with outfits you already own and still provide a great Curling Headband that gives consistent curls for your every day routine.

But here’s the catch - Teal is a limited edition color! We wanted you to be the first to know, so make sure to grab one for you and a friend before they sell out.

Your Curlfriend,

P.S. If you loved Cassie’s 4 am routine (yes, I just made a Euphoria reference) then you are absolutely going to enjoy Teal!

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