We went to the NY Design Better Future Awards and you’ll never believe this…

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I can’t believe this myself, but we have won a third award this year!

I sat in the audience at the awards show and was just in awe of the bright minds around us. I thought, surely we are not going to win this one, but I loved being there.

As our category came around during the ceremony, I was nervous, excited, and to my surprise, they said RobeCurls Curling Headband!

We won our first NY Design Better Future Award for product innovation of the year!

This really is a dream come true. When I was negotiating with my sewing machine over a year ago, I came up with prototype after prototype. I got feedback on my design to shift it to be the most perfect design it could possibly be.

This award means so much to me and my team. Thank you to the judges who chose my invention, and thank you to the people who believed in this product. Without your care, support, and mentorship, this would not be possible.

I, of course, want to thank my partner, my friends, and my family who really put up with my many designs. You are the true MVPs for making this design the best it could be.

For those of you who don’t know, my invention RobeCurls Curling Headband launched just over a year ago. It is a whole new category in the beauty industry for heatless hair curlers. This has changed how women are able to go about their day, it changes how we think about hair health, and most of all, it actually works!

I love this design and we have some great colors for you to choose from too! https://shop.robecurls.com/

‍Lastly, thank you to our Curlfriends. You are amazing and I love seeing the different ways you have figured out how to style your hair with your Curling Headband.

If you’re curious to learn more about our inventions at RobeCurls and any upcoming ones sign up for our newsletter!

Thanks so much everyone, and thank you for advocating for better products and inventions in this industry! Together, we are making change!

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