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Curling Headband - Guava

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RobeCurls® Curling Headband is a the heatless hair curler that offers effortless curls with a secure and comfortable fit wherever life takes you. With an innovative patent-pending design that is leading a new trend in hairstyling, our Curling Headband is pillowy soft to increase comfort for healthier, longer-lasting curls.

RobeCurls® gives more control for all hair types with a heatless approach to calm frizz and reduce breakage. With style in mind, you can wear our Curling Headband out with friends, to the workplace, or comfortably at home!

Each Curling Headband features eco-friendly materials that are machine washable with anti-microbial and antibacterial properties to keep it fresh all day long. Designed with an integrated wire and plush microfiber fleece lining, RobeCurls upholds effortless 1” - 1 ½” curls that are customizable for cozy sleeping or on-the-go styles. Just wrap, wear, and rock!

 • 100% satin poly charmeuse
 • 100% H²air-Tex microfiber fleece
 • TPU coated aluminum

Package Quantity
 • 1x headband
 • 2x scrunchies

Gently hand wash in cold water and lay your Curling Headband flat to dry.