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Skinny Scrunch - Black

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Tired of your scrunchies stretching out too soon? Or need a replacement to match your Curling Headband? We got you covered.

Skinny Scrunch is designed to provide reliability when you need it most with stress-free styling wherever the day takes you. The antimicrobial material is breathable with functional elements created to give you the best design a scrunchy has to offer for all hair types.

Get a set to match your beloved RobeCurls Curling Headband, or get an extra set for when one scrunchy runs off in a pocket to the world of unicorns. With the structure of the Skinny Scrunch, you can feel confident that your hair is well taken care of with a secure feel that lasts all day long. Experience the beauty and be proud of everything you do with Skinny Scrunch as your daily companion!

Package Quantity:
 • 5 Scrunchies

 • 100% satin poly charmeuse
 • Elastic

Hand wash with cold water and lay flat to dry.